New Hanover and Pender Counties, NC

The CALYX team coordinated project development as well as environmental and engineering services associated with preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for this project. The project proposes to extend Military Cutoff Road from its current terminus at US 17 (Market Street) in Wilmington to the Wilmington Bypass; a US 17 bypass of the town of Hampstead will also be built. The project will improve the traffic carrying capacity and safety of the US 17 corridor. The 84-square-mile study area contains extensive wetlands, the red-cockaded woodpecker and other protected species, and several large proposed developments. Alternatives developed for this project used innovative modeling techniques, which identified best-path corridor alignments and facilitated early comprehensive impacts screening.

This project required extensive public involvement with varied stakeholders including nearly 3,000 property owners, local, state and federal agencies, and neighborhood and business leaders. The CALYX team provided preliminary design, the design of multiple interchanges, capacity analysis, natural resource technical report, hydraulic technical report, and community impact assessment with an indirect and cumulative effects assessment. The environmental provided included wetland and stream delineation, protected species surveys, a red-cockaded woodpecker analysis, on-site wetland mitigation feasibility studies, and associated agency coordination. CALYX also completed the Natural Resources Technical Reporting documenting all findings. Additionally, CALYX completed the preliminary designs, the Environmental Impact Statement, and the Record of Decision.

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