Gwinnett & Fulton Counties, GA

This GDOT project will widen 2.5 miles of SR 120 from two to four lanes. Side roads approaching SR 120 in all directions will be improved, including Parsons Road, Boles Road, Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, and Medlock Bridge Road. All signalizing intersections will be modified along the corridor. The existing bridge will be widened across the Chattahoochee River. Pedestrian and bicycle access is being studied and CALYX anticipates, at a minimum, sidewalks on one side with the potential for enhanced sidewalks or additional sidewalks on the other side. Public involvement plays a big role on this project. CALYX is informing and gathering opinion from multiple communities with extensive meetings in adjoining neighborhoods, NPS, the multi-lingual community, as well as Johns Creek, Duluth, and Gwinnett County.

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