“What attracted me most to CALYX was the culture of the organization. It was clear from the beginning that I was now a part of the family, and that alone made the transition from college to a career much easier. I am grateful to work for a great manager and welcoming, supportive peers. Everyone in the organization is willing to help at a moment’s notice. My expectations of the working world have been far exceeded by my experience at CALYX. There are many young professionals who work several jobs before they find their home. I consider myself very fortunate to have joined the CALYX family when I did.”

Regan Careathers, EI

“It was twelve years ago that I re-entered the workforce after being at home with my children for their preschool years. CALYX saw the value in hiring me for my experience while allowing me to work from home. They remained flexible through the years with my schedule, and as my children grew, so did my hours in the office. What started out as a part-time position gradually grew into a full-time career. Through it all, my managers provided me with challenging opportunities to learn new skills and responsibilities. As I embark on the second half of my life and career, I am thrilled to be a part of the CALYX team!”

Pat Cooley, EIT

“When working toward my Professional Engineering (PE) license, I earned nearly all of the required four years of experience under two engineers at CALYX. It was important for me to have consistency in who was training me. I worked on projects that challenged me and developed my abilities. CALYX was instrumental in supporting me while I was preparing for my PE exam, providing assistance in my prep coursework as well as references. Not many companies are willing to go to those extra lengths for an aspiring PE. I have always felt like a valued employee at CALYX.”

J.R. Hopson, PE
Water Resources