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The two questions I’m most commonly asked when people learn that I’m a traffic engineer are: “Can you do something about [such and such] intersection?” and “What affect do you think self-driving cars will have on transportation?” The answer to the first question is usually: “Tell the Department of Transportation to hire CALYX. We can … Continued


CALYX’s environmental team is currently at work on the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) Eastern Research Project, a programmatic agreement between the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Highways Administration, United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the NCDOT. The project goal: to move forward all projects in the eastern half of … Continued


I began my engineering career long before we had 3D modeling, but today’s architectural and engineering graduates cannot imagine a world without it. CALYX began using BIM (Building Information Modeling) back in 2007, when many firms had yet to make the leap to 3D. With BIM technology (in our case, Revit Structure by Autodesk), we … Continued


We all agree that men and women are inherently different, don’t we? And because we’re not the same, our experiences in the workforce are not the same. This is unmistakably true in the engineering profession. According to the Department of Labor, women comprise only 13% of the engineering labor force. Why? How can we improve? … Continued